If your child is a string player within the age of the Younger Division but is learning repertoire at the level of Suzuki Book 5 or more advanced, please contact us for a special upper division course of study for your child.


Troubadorables: singers, actors and dancers.  Ages 6-11.


Nano-Minis: Age 5 – For ready to begin, or just beginning, violinists and a parent or caregiver. Enrollment space is extremely limited.

Mini-Pearls: Ages 6 through 11 – Older children who are just beginning the violin, or are interested in exploring the instrument.

Cracker Jacks: Children who have participated in formal violin lessons, understand the basics of proper positions, and are capable of playing notes on all four strings in first position. Mid Suzuki Bk. 1- Mid Suzuki Bk. 2

WhipperSnappers: Students who have achieved a level of competence that enables them to play with ease of motion and stable positions, good bow control and intonation. Mid Suzuki Bk. 2 - Suzuki Bk. 3.


Jim Dandys: Beginning to elementary level playing. Violists who are just beginning will dovetail with specific violin classes for fundamentals.


Mini-Maestros: Beginning to elementary level playing.  


Balladeers: Beginning to elementary Guitar. Introduction of the instrument for beginning students and skill/age appropriate instruction for students who already possess a degree of knowledge.


Ivory Ticklers: Piano students will participate in private lessons and coachings at the beginning and elementary level. In addition piano students will dovetail with the Troubadorable track as singers, dancers, and actors in the final performance.