the annie moses Summer music festival IS FOR STUDENTS WHO:

  1. Will work hard to bring their skill to the next level. 
  2. Want to make great music & art to engage the world.
  3. Need to catapult their creative momentum into the next school year. 
  4. Dream of performing fun music with professional musicians on a legendary stage. 
  5. Desire a welcoming community of like-minded artists.
  6. To deepen their understanding of themselves as artists and how their art can shape lives

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are you looking for in the audition process?
A: Our vision is to forge great artists by getting them on a stage with music tailored to their strengths so they can experience the real-world pressures and joys of performance. The Festival is also about community - we are not interested in the next American Idol, but in nurturing a broad array of genres, instruments, and artistic personalities that are united by a love of music and a love of God.

That's why the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival is for both beginning and advanced players, for promising young talent and college-age aspirants. We are looking for hard workers who love collaboration and project a good spirit, who take their art seriously and desire to deepen it for the benefit of those around them. 

Q: Why is the Festival so short? I’m used to Summer Festivals that are 8 or more weeks long.
A: The Annie Moses Summer Music Festival is different from other summer festivals - it’s not a place to hang out all summer, it’s an intensive… if we all spent 8 or 9 weeks working as hard as we do for the 11 days of the Festival, we’d all end up in the hospital! So come ready to work harder than you ever have (in a musical sense), and gain a more amazing reward after 10 short days than you ever thought possible.

Q: I’ve just begun my musical studies, can I still come?  
A: The Annie Moses Music Festival is open to all skill levels, provided you have a working knowledge of your instrument (at least 1 year of study if not more.) If you are a student who needs in-depth technical training, we recommend our Woodshed Intensives which are designed to bolster skill level and jump-start your artistry.

Q: Is the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival only for instrumentalists?
A: The Festival features a wide range of disciplines including voice, dance, drama, piano, guitar, violin, viola, cello, harp and percussion. 

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Tuition for the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival (8-22 yrs old) is $1399. 

The Summer Woodshed Intensive is $500 per person.

Room and Board are not included. 

Q: Do you have payment plans?
A: Yes, we do.  The earlier you register, the lower your monthly payments will be.  At the time you complete your registration, you can set up monthly payments.  The payment plan is subject to a 5% fee, to handle credit card processing.  Remember, we’re a non-profit - we can’t keep tuition this low and absorb credit card fees.

Q. Is the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival a family friendly environment?
The Annie Moses Summer Music Festival is a Christian program that values artistic excellence and personal integrity. One of the passions of Annie Moses Foundation is equipping families to perform together. The arts are a powerful medium in our culture, and we aspire to raise up a generation of skilled artists that communicate positive messages. 

Q: Where can I get more info?
A: Visit our "The Festival Program" page for all the details including a schedule of courses, faculty listings, logistical details, and more.