We must invest in the spiritual and artistic health of our young people if we are ever to reverse the decline of the arts in America.

The arts are arguably the most influential force in our culture today. Every day, young people inspired by a love of music seek the artistic instruction and opportunities to make their ambitions a reality. But they face significant hurdles, as public schools slash music programs, artistic excellence fades in popular culture, and elite conservatories and schools seal themselves off behind financial and geographic barriers.

Annie Moses Foundation exists to meet these distinctive needs.

Our programs create intensive, life-changing experiences for young artists that not only equip them with the tools they need to be successful musicians, but also, and most importantly, our programs transform the next generation into confident and positive leaders. 

They fuse classical technique with a popular aesthetic, a unique combination that equips young artists to enter the world of the arts. These programs cultivate technical virtuosity, an ability to interact with contemporary music, and a worldview rooted in truth, goodness, and beauty.