MOLLY had studied cello for five years, but the routine was old.  Her progress had stalled, her teacher was checked out, and she wanted to spend more time doing things she enjoyed.  She told her mom she wanted to quit.

Her mom said she could quit on one condition: attend the Fine Arts Summer Academy.

Two weeks later, after hours of exciting and intensive work, Molly came back a transformed musician.  She joined two orchestras, found a new teacher, and began to take her craft seriously.  

JAKE was a self-taught fiddler.  He and his sister performed original songs and simple reels at venues around town, but he was ready for the next level.  So Jake traveled to Nashville for the Fine Arts Summer Academy.

After two days, he nearly quit.  Jake had never read music before, and the show was ambitious.  Plus, his technique needed reworking.  But after a one on one interview with the Director of the Academy, Jake was given a personal practice coach to help him through the music.  Two weeks later, he performed with 150 other musicians in the biggest show of his life.

Fast forward one year later.  Jake has hired a private teacher, adjusted his technique, learned to read music, and begun composing his own works.  He is eager for another two weeks of artistic success at the Fine Arts Summer Academy.

These are just a few of the lives FASA has transformed.  Join us as we seek to create extraordinary young adults.