The Fine Arts Summer Academy (FASA) is the flagship arts academy of the Annie Moses Band. An intensive program for young musical artists, the Academy bolsters the technical development of students, and puts that technique to work with on-stage, performing experience. Our desire is to prepare young people to exhibit the best their skills have to offer as performers. Fine Arts Summer Academy is offered in two divisions, and is open to all skill levels. YOUNGER DIVISION: Mini-MusicFest is for students 4 - 10 years old.  July 12-19, 2014

UPPER DIVISION: Rising 5th grade – College Sophomores.  July 12-July 26, 2014

Both divisions of FASA are offered in tracks of specialized study. Please click the division links above for specific tracks offered as well as detailed course descriptions.

The Main Event: Final Gala Performance

FASA is a performance driven program, and the final gala is spectacular. Bill and Robin Wolaver, the master craftsmen behind the the music of the Annie Moses Band, write and arrange a customized musical variety show designed with the specific artistic and musical skills of those attending in mind. Instead of students trying to fit themselves into a pre-designed mold, the mold is designed to fit the students. From curtain to curtain the final shows brim with wonder, showcasing a plethora of styles and eras.

Younger Division: all students join together to perform in a spectacular musical featuring their individual talents.

Upper Division: all students perform in the Final Gala event on the historic stage of the Grand Ole Opry House.  To read more about FASA 2013's Rhapsody in Bluegrass, click here.