When we began investing in young performers over ten years ago, we never dreamed that Annie Moses Foundation would grow to be the extraordinary ministry it is today. Being a musical family we found that many families wanted to emulate what we had done as the Annie Moses Band. Annie Moses Foundation was our answer - an artistic ministry that would give young musicians life-changing experiences of real-world excellence. 

Too many musicians stagnate inside practice rooms, handicapped by low standards and bad information. Performance opportunities are rare, especially in professional venues. The Annie Moses Summer Music Festival exists to change that. We know first-hand how powerful it can be to perform with excellence alongside people you love. That's the experience we want to share with you.

The arts are transformational to society. The stages of the world open up to individuals marked by excellence. Our vision is to see those stages occupied by extraordinary artists driven by a love for the good, the true, and the beautiful - a love for God. We were created to create, and the Annie Moses Foundation programs are an opportunity for us to fulfill our purpose - together. 

- Annie Dupre